Putting People Over Polluters

In an effort to advance his climate-killing Energy Independence and Security Act of 2022, fossil fuel-friendly Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia went to great lengths, even attempting to attach his bill to must-pass appropriations legislation. His latest target was the National Defense Authorization Act, which was up for a vote in the final weeks of the year.

The environmental community, who had opposed this bill (dubbed Manchin’s Dirty Deal) since the beginning, responded with outrage as Manchin’s proposed permitting reforms would fast-track infrastructure like oil pipelines, massively weaken environmental and public health laws, and provide fewer avenues for communities to fight pollution. But despite months of opposition, Manchin’s Dirty Deal was poised to slide through Congress and onto the books.

In partnership with Arc Initiatives, True Blue was tasked with developing a striking print campaign that would be seen in the halls of Congress that amplified the universal call from the environmental leaders and frontline communities for lawmakers to stop the dirty deal from moving forward.

On December 16, just days after our print ads filled the Capitol in a Washington Post Hill Wrap insert and Politico print ad, lawmakers voted to reject Manchin’s dirty deal and untangle it from the National Defense Authorization Act.

The print ad’s striking illustrated graphics depicted the power of frontline voices to shine through in the face of this dirty legislation, highlighting the need for our leaders to put the needs of people over polluters.